The way of working and philosophy which characterise For Once In Your Life Event & Wedding Planner are based on three irreplaceable principles: professional and human ethic, mutual respect and transparency. Such values make For Once In Your Life Event & Wedding Planner a reliable, trustworthy and expert partner, and are the basis of our relationships toward the clients who count on us for the creation and realisation of their event, as well as toward partners and vendors with whom we have been cooperating for years, interweaving and developing a network based on mutual esteem, respect, trust and professionalism.
Thanks to my previous experiences in managing corporate events for some of the most outstanding luxury fashion Companies in Milan, and to my following constant professional growth so far, I can cooperate with different business realities in order to provide a completely stress-free support in the planning and realisation of elegant, exclusive, luxury corporate events in Lombardy and Piedmont. Each event will be the result of a study, project and realisation expressively tailored on the full respect of the specific identity, image, ethics and budget of the Company itself.

It’s a pleasure and a constant reason of growth for me to cooperate with and relate to other professional experts for the realisation of a corporate event which represents the company’s requests and philosophy. My personal way of working is well reflected by each event I personally take care of and it is characterised by my full commitment to the project, care for details, research and design of a bespoke, memorable and creative solution. Thanks to my irreplaceable team of experts working behind the scenes to support me, I will be able to become your own contact person, standing in the front line right by your side from the first meeting to know each other, during the creative steps through the creation and design of a bespoke exclusive project according to your expectations and requirements, until the finally realisation of your corporate event. My full dedication to each of my projects is the reason why I choose to focus on a limited number of events per year: this decision allows me to assure you high quality standards through my constant presence during every step of the planning and the event itself, and my becoming your reliable and irreplaceable partner for the success of your event.
I strongly believe in my continuous personal and professional training, which I improve attending corsi di aggiornamento on a regular basis, in order to satisfy properly and professionally to your requests, and to guarantee the high qualitative, bespoke and professionally correct approach which represents me.

For Your Corporate Event we guarantee:

Initial meeting with you to come to know your specific reality, your vision and mission, the core reasons of your event, the people and the audience involved, and the message you would like to spread through the event itself. In compliance with these fundamental information, the real creative process will begin and it will lead to the most suitable bespoke solutions to satisfy your needs.

Research and selection of the most adequate vendors and venue to fully respond to your requests and to cerate the perfect event you are looking for. Thanks to a close network of experts we have been cooperating for years now, we have developed and increased partnerships characterised by transparency, trust, reliability and synchrony. These professional relationships allow us to guarantee you always the best choice of vendors among the market for each product or service useful for the realisation of your event.

Our full availability and openness to take into consideration your ideas, hints and suggestions, in case you have something important to be highlighted and/or specific advise you would like to suggest. Full propensione to keep you updated about supposed solutions, to let you choose properly and to work by your side to make your ideas come to life.

The opportunity of organising exclusive guided tours in and nearby Milan for you and your guests, thanks to our expert partners who will let you discover the modern and ancient artistic sides of Milan, the luxuriant nature and the wonderful Villas nearby Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, as well as the most curious and interesting places in the surroundings.
Our extreme accuracy and punctuality in keeping you updated about the deadlines to be respected, the managing of your budget and the overall steps of the planning, avoiding you the responsibility and time to manage it by yourselves. We assure our full transparency toward you and the vendors involved, in order to negotiate with them the most convenient terms and conditions for you, thanks to our long-lasting partnerships.

Coordination and oversight of all the partners involved during the day of your event, and my guaranteed on-site presence to be the first to arrive and the last to leave, working behind the scenes and being the only contact person for you and the selected vendors. I will be coordinating each moment of your event respecting the timing, logistics and decisions previously arranged together that you will experience only the pleasure of the celebration.