Once you’ve chosen your wedding gown, you still have to make up your mind about another important issue: will I wear a veil or not? And whether you decide to wear it, which one will fit your style and personality perfectly? As promised my dear bride-to-be, here you have a few suggestions about different styles, to be chosen according to the style of your wedding dress and the atmosphere of your wedding day:

  • Visor veil and shoulder length veil: both short, the first one doesn’t extend past the chin, the second one is around 20 inches in length. They’re both pretty informal, so they’re especially suggested for civil weddings or matching a knee-length wedding gown.
  • Elbow length veil: it falls around the elbow and it works well with romantic ball wedding gown, as it ends exactly where the fullness in skirt begins. Thanks to its particular length, it’s perfect with low-necked dresses.
  • Floor length veil or ballet length veil: it just brushes the floor, but won’t exceed the length of your wedding gown. It’s well suited to full length gowns that do not have a train and it’s suggested to taller brides.



  • Chapel veil: it’s the typical veil which drapes onto the floor, very traditional and particularly suited to taller brides. It usually requires a groom wearing a morning dress.
  • Cathedral length veil and Royal veils: both majestic, they diversify from one another according to their length: the first one does not exceed 9 feet in length, the second one is more than 9 feet in length.
  • Mantilla: it has a typical oval shape, one layer and an important border which is usually embroidered or decorated with lace. It reaches the full length of the wedding gown and it creates a very romantic style.



Apart from the different styles, you should always remember to match the proportions of your dress with the proportions of your veil: a veil which is too short or too simple drains a sumptuous or fairy-tale style; on the other hand, a too rich or long veil is not a good choice for not very tall brides who would be hidden into it.