Good morning Brides-to-be! Do you know that there are specific traditions and legends related to the meaning of the month you choose for your wedding?

Whether you’re superstitious or not, you might know that, unlike the Italian common trend to get married during spring and summer, one of the luckiest months to tie the knot is December. Besides being the symbol of family, warmth of affections, a sort of magical feeling that permeates every day, if it gives you the beauty of snow on your wedding day, it will ensure you endless love.

January is the month of sincere feelings, kindness and faithfulness, whilst February is the month of lovers and romanticism in every shade.
June is the month dedicated to Juno, Goddess of love and nuptials, therefore it will bring lucky and the joy to travel the world together to the newly weds. Those who choose August should expect a life full of positive changes, and September will bless the couple with joy, laughter and richness.

If any of you would love to respect ancient beliefs, these are surely the most “favourable” months to get married in, so just pick one up! As a hopeless romantic, I personally strongly believe that true love, mutual respect, understanding and the joy to formalise such a pure and strong feeling is the real key of the “success” of a marriage, but this is another story.. maybe I will tell you about it oneday or another 🙂