Dear Brides-to-be,

today’s tip is extremely practical as we all know it.. the planning of your wedding might require sometimes up to 9-12 months and, especially if you decide not to be supported by a skilled Wedding Planner calling the shots for you, it’s easy for you to go ut of theme. This is not a statement of your lack of organisational skills, I completely trust your ability, but it is just because from now on you’ll have to think about so many details and take so many decisions that, being a “starter” in this world as it’s your first time planning a wedding, it might become complicated to keep the track of everything. It is not my intention to scare you and I’m pretty confident that any of you choosing to plan her own wedding avoiding to be supported by a professional is well aware of what to expect. I just wish to share a little, yet very useful, piece of advise with you. As soon as you decide the main theme of your wedding – might it be a colour, a sensation, an emotion, a style, a setting, a recalling of an old period – just before you step into the real preparations and the meetings with all the vendors, take a deep breath, focus on your theme and make a list of all the related ideas, emotions, sensations, details, hints your mind comes up with. Keep it with yourself wherever you have a meeting with a vendor and double check it whenever you might feel the need to. It will become a sort of vademecum for you in order to avoid going out of your theme, following different options by different vendors who are not coordinated by a Wedding Planner, and in the meantime it will become a sort of “to do” list for the details you’ve already chosen and the ones you still have to choose, being sure that anything – from the venue to the setting, from the invitation to the music entertainment, from the celebration to your wedding gown – is a perfect representation of the fil rouge you have chosen to decline. Just in case you might have a few doubts, pick up the phone or email us and well be more than happy to make our experience and our professionalism available for you!