I know that it might sound weird, but wedding favours are one of the most “discussed” choices during the planning of a wedding: shall a couple think of them? Are they still trendy or are they old-fashioned? If I’m here today to talk to you about wedding favours, believe me: they’re still extremely important and they represent one of the cutest and nicest way to thank your guests to be part of your happiness in your Big Day. The choice is so wide now-a-days that every couple has the possibility to choose the the most appropriate gifts, both in terms of budget and type, as well as in terms of peculiarity: they shall be selected carefully and must follow the scenario and the idea of the wedding you wish to recreate, in terms of colours and styles. The keyword for 2017 is originality. This means that you have basically a wide concept to be developed and to get inspiration from. The couples who prefer a wedding in the country or among the beautiful Italian vineyards have the possibility to surprise their guests choosing little cute lavender bundles, scented candles, succulent or aromatic plants, as well as edible favours such as customised preserves, oil and wine, usually picked up among local, organic, high quality products.

For those who would rather astonish their guests with more unusual favours, 2017 will be the year of surprises: perfect also for a wedding in a castle, in a private villa or in historic residences, you will be able to amaze your guests with caviar, small customised bottles of champagne, precious oils, saffron threads or truffle flakes. The prerogative is to let your guests live an unforgettable, touching, sensorial experience, in order to let them “live” the care and attention you paid to select the perfect valued gift for them.

For the couple who prefer a more “urban” style, I’d rather suggest something technologic, such as personalised USB or pens for touch screens.
Not to be forgotten the trend of choosing eco-friendly or charity favours, in line with your own ethics and type of celebration.

One more suggestion.. please get rid of the idea of boxes and packagings for wedding favours: if the keyword in 2017 is to amaze by standing out of the crowd, my personal advise is to banish packagings and let your guests be immediately enchanted by the precious, peculiar and highly selected gift you specifically thought for them. Now my dear brides-to-be, just free your mind, follow these few hints and let your imagination run wild and for any lack of ideas or any doubt, do not hesitate to contact your Wedding Planner who will be able to suggest you the most original and unexpected ideas for the perfect wedding favour for your guests!