There are many brides-to-be who love to coordinate personally the planning and realisation of their own wedding, they do have plenty of time and curiosity to range among the numerous offers on the internet and they love to spend their weekends before their Big Day strolling through wedding exhibitions, banqueting tastings, information emails, never-ending calls with vendors, in order to plan personally each and every detail of their wedding. I admire them for their persistence, but there are a few key factors which might be innocently skipped if you do not have the experience in wedding planning.
After some years as a Wedding Planner, I’ve realised that one of the biggest difficulties they might find approaching the planning of their wedding, is to stay focused on the main idea of their wedding set-up: lots of future brides start with a very clear idea on their mind and then, after months and months of planning, proposals, vendors’ offers, it is simply human to unfollow the stylish guideline they have decided to follow at the beginning of the planning.
If you do it in a Country which is not yours, this might turn out to be the most trying and difficult moment of the planning of your wedding.
To have by your side a professional, experienced destination Wedding Planner means to have a huge helping hand for you to go straight down your way, with no slip-ups, towards the perfect realisation of your destination wedding, in which each and every detail and choice are perfectly harmonised with one another.
If the biggest dream of the couple though is to plan their big day by themselves, it might occur that, month after month, each vendor might innocently offer different solutions or might interpret the style and theme of your wedding in a different way, compared to another one involved in the creation of your big day. How many times you happened to tell a vendor that you want a “shabby chic” wedding and you got – i.e. from the banqueting, the flower designer and the venue, to mention a few – different and discordant hints, just because each of them is interpreting the shabby chic style in a personal and different way? That’s exactly when stylish disasters happen.

Something that every bride-to-be wants to avoid desperately on the most important day of their life.
For Once In Your Life PersonalWeddingPlanner® Milano created an innovative service, conceived exclusively for you, who love to plan your wedding independently, but who love to do it avoiding any kind of the smallest mistake.
Our Bespoke Wedding Design offers you all the freedom you’re looking for in terms of planning and realisation of your wedding day, but it gives you the complete Wedding Design of your event, including all the main stylish guidelines to be followed constantly, so that your choices will always be consistent with your theme, the atmosphere and the style you would love to recreate and live on your Big Day. A guideline to be followed even when the chaos of talking with various vendors and the approaching of your wedding date might distract you from your path. A guidebook of the Wedding of your Dreams, including the stylish suggestions to be followed and – above all – to be shared with your vendors, in terms of colour palette, fabrics to be used, perfumes and essences reminding faraway landscapes or summer country-side night fragrances from which you would love to be surrounded by on your wedding day. Your own bespoke moodboard, designed around your desires, which recreates the atmosphere and the magic you dream to live that day, along with projects and sketches created by us, following your dreams and wishes, your hope and personality.

A little big lighthouse which will stand by your side faithfully during the planning of your wedding, avoiding you to lose your way towards your perfect Wedding Day.

With Love,
Your PersonalWeddingPlanner® Elisa