Dear Brides-to-be,

if you’re dreaming to tie he knot in Italy, there are a few hints I would like to give to you today, especially if you’re looking for an outdoor wedding.

In our beautiful Country, Catholic weddings are very difficult to be celebrated outdoor anywhere which is not considered a “sacred place”.

If you really want your Catholic wedding to be celebrated outdoor in Italy, the best first move I suggest is to talk about it with the Priest celebrating your wedding: he will surely do the best he can to find the perfect solution for your dream to come true. Otherwise, you might write a formal letter to the Bishop of the Diocese in which the wedding will be celebrated. If neither of them has the possibility to satisfy your request, just remember that there are stunning Villas or Castles in Italy with private cute Chapels in which the Catholic celebration is legally accepted.

shutterstock_178622894A little bit easier if you have chosen the outdoor venue of your dreams and you’d rather getting a civil celebration. In this case, just double check with the referent of the District you would like to get married that the venue you choose is one of the authorised places.


shutterstock_16729048If the castle of your dreams, the long white sanded beach in front of crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, the luxuriant secret gardens in the City you’ve always dreamt of for your weeding are not included among the authorised places, do not forget you still choose a symbolic celebration: this will give you the opportunity to live the celebration wherever and however you prefer, with no legal link to be accomplished.


For further information or if you have any doubt, contact us and we’ll be glad to help to plan the wedding of your dreams in our beloved unique Country.