Are you planning to perfection your wedding reception outdoor, in a breathtaking venue, at night, the the sun sets on each and every detail you have accurately chosen, and which is going to be irradiated by the stars, the moonlight and hundreds of candles, to create a memorable atmosphere?

Just a very quick tip for you! If you love to decorate trees or arches with hanging candles and crystals for your wedding setup or the cutting of the wedding cake, be sure to consider if the area is windy. If so, you can go for the perfect atmosphere by using floor lanterns, with candles inside, and you can use string lights on the tree branches. This will help you recreating the same atmosphere, with no candles blowing out or crystals being broken because of the wind.


Extra advice♥ Let your wedding planner, wedding designer or the expert who is helping you through these choices suggest you the most adequate solution to satisfy your wishes, your safety and grant you the result you have always dreamt of.