Very well-known and originally born in the US, the role of the maid of honour has become more and more common in Italian weddings as well. Traditionally in Italy the bride entered the church only after page boys or bridesmaids (always children), but since a few years this task has been undertaken by the bride’s girlfriends, usually peers.

Let’s see then what a maid of honour has to do. In the Middle Ages, being a maid of honour meant to have reached the higher social praise as person of trust of the Queen.
Nowadays, the maid of honour is part worker bee, part emotional lifeboat. First of all, she’s expected to help the bride-to-be with the choice of her wedding gown, a moment in which men are not “allowed”, especially the groom. From that moment on, the MOH will support the bride in every occasion, just to make a few examples offering to help her with pre-wedding tasks, attending all pre-wedding parties, planning the bachelorette party with all the bridesmaids and friends of the bride.

592$!600xOn the wedding day, the MOH is expected to take of the bride, supporting her and staying next to her, in order to ensure the success of your Big Day. It’s a role of honour, yet of responsibility, but if you’ve been chosen by the bride to be her MOH, that only means that she considers you up to the role, that you’re one of the most important person to her and that she trusts you so much she’s putting her wedding in your hands: don’t be scared, if you’ve been chosen it only means that the bride perfectly knows you can do that! It’s not a coincidence that the MOH is always the bride’s best friend or the closest relative (her sister or cousin), with the exception of her mother.

Being a Maid Of Honour doesn’t mean you only should be close to the bride during her wedding day, but especially help her in every step and task, listen to her, making her laugh, and offering her your emotional and logistical support. You’re also expected to be with her from the beginning of her getting ready on the wedding day, eventually sorting out last minute problems, and supporting her with her hairstyle, make-up and wedding dress. Once the bride reaches the church, it’s up to you to ensure that her entrance is perfect, you should help her to eventually arrange the veil and the dress before she walks the aisle, speaking words of serenity to reduce her stress. Do that also during the reception and let her live her Big Day with pure happiness, having you at her side.