Dear Brides-to-be,

today I would like to give you 5 easy, practical and very quick suggestions about how to choose the date of your wedding day. If you are already focused on a specific date, you might be bond to for certain reasons (an anniversary, a symbolic date for your love story or a memorable date for someone meaning the world to you), then my only suggestion is to go ahead and follow your heart by picking up a special date for you. Just be careful with your guests and consider their needs, especially if they come from faraway.

On the contrary, if you are still looking for the proper date to get married on, here you have 5 practical hints to take the right decision in a blink of an eye.

  • Think about what you love the most, your favourite season and the kind of wedding you would love to create. Follow your own personalities, your true and deepest passions, your intimate dreams. If you’re fond mountains and snow, why don’t you start thinking about tying the knot in a chalet surrounded by mountains, lit up by the unique atmosphere of candles, enchanted by cosy fireplaces and the smell of burning woods, while it’s snowing outside? There is now written law to force you to get married in spring or summer, as the majority of the couples does.. if you’d rather tie the knot on a winter day, then go for it!
  • If many of your guests are busy working on weekdays, if they might have baby children or they’re travelling from far away just for the pleasure to share the happiness of your wedding day with you, I suggest – after you’ve chosen the season you love the most – to consider the needs of your guests and, if possible, to arrange your wedding on a Friday or a Saturday, which allows your guests to be free from working duties and responsibilities.


  • If you love summer, from the last 2 years so far, the trend is to prefer September instead of May and June. No one can predict the future and, therefore, the weather on your wedding day, but since a few years, summer in Italy lasts a little bit longer with pleasant nights and summer warmth during September (at least the first half).. enjoy this wonderful month then! 
  • If you and your guests are pretty sure you can handle work and other responsibilities, I suggest you choose a week-day to celebrate your wedding. It will be less chaotic and, for those you are paying attention to their own wedding budget, I suggest you double-check with your venue: many of them in Italy reserve preferential rates for week weddings, compared to the rates applied during the weekends. 
  • If you’re not totally in love with specific occasions, like Christmas or Valentine’s day, I recommend to pick up a month which is only devoted to your wedding day: it will be your special month.. and another excuse to celebrate one more time during the year! As per National Holidays, please be careful to choose a date which is close to them: the risk might be that your guests might have already made plans for a short vacation, if not informed in time. 

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Talk to you soon, Elisa 

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