Dear Brides-to-be,

today we’re giving you a small piece of advice regarding one of the most common errors when choosing theChurch where to celebrate your wedding and the floral decoration: the Church set up. Wether you’d rather tie the knot in a small church hidden on top of mountains or overlooking the sea, a stunning small church in the countryside or a precious private chapel, a Renaissance Church or a majestic Cathedral in the city centre, my advice is always the same: please consider properly the dimensions and proportions. In other words, once you’ve considered the emotional value of the place you would like to get married in, it is very important to consider how many guests will be present during the celebration and, consequently, the capacity of the church in order to let everyone participate at the wedding rite in the best way. It would be unpleasant for your guests to be packed in a tiny church or to stand outside it as there’s no room enough for all of them or, on the contrary, for you to see the pictures of your wedding and realising how the church looked empty, not because of lack of friends and relatives, but because of the wrong choice of such a huge church compared to the numbers of your guests. Once you’ve picked up the perfect place where to tie the knot, it is extremely convenient to go for the adequate decoration. If you’re dreaming a fairy wedding, surrounded by lots of friends and relatives, you’d rather choose a big church, setting it up with loads of floral decorations, candles and crystal vases that will lead you, walking through immaculate petals, down the aisle. Such option gives you the opportunity to think big and ask your Wedding Planner for an epic creative project.


If you’re more into a cozy celebration and your church is a small rare gem in the countryside or overlooking the sea, my suggestion is always the same: less is better 🙂 Without giving up the WOW factor for your guests and the pleasure of setting up the church in line with the mood or colours of your wedding, it will be necessary to play with a little bit of slyness and take into consideration the spots and solutions that the church and its architectural features naturally suggest. A corner to be embellished with candles put in white lanterns or crystal vases, a step to be adorned at the base of the altar which perfectly frames the background, a tiny side recess that suggests to be decorated with a simple bunch of flowers as if it was studied to be decorated like this when it was built centuries ago with the church itself.
My advice is to respect firstly the place you are going to embellish, in terms of its proportions, architectural style, holiness and of what it communicates: every venue, every church, every place speaks for itself and suggests the perfect spots where to place a decoration and the corners to be left unadorned. Trust the professionalism, expertise and intuition of your Wedding Planner, whose eyes are capable of “listening” to what the place has to reveal to be valued at its utmost, in order to make the wedding your dreams come true.