If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for a lamp to bring light and clearness to your ideas.

It’s absolutely common for you to have plenty of ideas in your head right now, and it’s ordinary for your emotions to keep on playing a crucial role in your decisions, even in the smallest ones, which are involved in the planning of the Wedding of your dreams.

I perfectly know how you feel right now and how many of you might feel kind of lost in a world you don’t know and you’re facing for the first in your life, such as the Wedding Industry. A world which creates loads of pressure and offers an almost infinity number of solutions, with the result to create more and more stress and uncertainty.
In order to grant you my full commitment to ease any of your tension, and to let you experience only the joy and calmness during the planning and on your wedding day, I’ve refined my own approach to exclusive wedding planning during the years, in order to assure you today a high qualitative and unique of its kind working method, which has already satisfied all of the couples involved: I am the first PersonalWeddingPlanner® in Italy.

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It’s not always easy to trust a person you have just met, especially when it comes to delegate to such person the planning of your Big Day.

It’s exactly in the name of my respect for your trust in me, where the uniqueness of my approach resides: you’ll be constantly protected, followed, supported, advised, kept updated and involved directly by me, as I will walk by your side in each and every decision you might need my suggestion for, to let you savour only the calmness of your wedding.

My steadily walking next to you will let me become your team mate, your ally ready to step in by your side at any convenience, a light you can turn to whenever you might need any advice or assistance.

My dedication, professional skills, expert know-how and experience are always available for you, that is the reason why I focus on a limited number of Weddings per year, in order to grant you extremely high qualitative standards, my full commitment and dedication to your event, as well as your certainty to have a professional wedding expert right by your side and exclusively dedicated to you, who will walk you with serenity and lightheartedness towards your exclusive wedding day in Milan.